Your Team

Christopher Jardine

Senior Portfolio Manager, Perpetual Guardian Investments

Chris has dedicated his career to managing large multi-asset class portfolios across New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Currently, at PG Investments, Chris oversees various aspects of the investment suite, including asset allocation and security selection, ensuring a strategic and balanced approach to portfolio management.

Before joining PG Investments, Chris gained extensive experience managing institutional-sized mandates at a European single-family office and State Street Global Advisors. At the family office, he was responsible for a US$5 billion multi-asset class portfolio, where he excelled in asset class, sector, and style selection, as well as manager analysis and selection.

Chris is a Chartered Accountant and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, reflecting his deep commitment to professional standards and ethical investment practices. He holds a Master of Commerce degree with honours from The University of Auckland, underscoring his strong academic foundation in finance and commerce.

Chris adopts a systematic and deliberate approach to investment management, guided by fiduciary principles that prioritise investor outcomes. His methodical strategy and dedication to fiduciary responsibility ensure that all investment decisions are made with the best interests of investors in mind.